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Overflow Tasks

Overflow tasks are the ones often given lowest priority; they’re tasks that aren’t necessarily top of mind since they’re usually not mandated as deadlines by the project or parties involved. Nevertheless, their importance cannot be overlooked when in the context of a project, such as in post-closing; or even in day-to-day operations when handling tasks like annual filings. Overflow tasks can be burdensome, easy to lose track of and even a drain on your personnel. Strategic Paralegal Services can help you manage these tasks and be the reinforcement you need to make sure they’re completed when necessary and on time.

Annual Report Filings

Particularly if there are a volume of companies, filing reports can be a tremendous interruption. Although seemingly a mundane administrative task, missed filings can result in late fees and a loss of good standing. Delegating to a bookkeeper, CPA or someone else without entity experience can result in filing with inaccurate information.


In corporations, deals can preempt day to day work. In law firms, deal teams may immediately move on to the next deal. Either way, finding time for post-closing tasks such as issuing stock, organizing closing documents into a binder or completing secondary filings can be a challenge.

Time-Consuming Projects

Whether it’s abstracting a volume of agreements, organizing a volume of documents, chasing state agencies or any number of other labor intensive projects, these can strain existing resources.

“Under The Radar” Projects

These are the projects where everyone thinks someone else will complete them. Registering for tax purposes is an excellent example. CPAs or payroll services do not always handle tasks like these, or may not complete them affordably.