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Does your firm have too much work
but not enough hours available?
SPS can help you meet your deadlines.

Does your legal department need to add
temporary team members to meet deadlines?
SPS can help you with short and long term deadlines.

How will you ever address that "rainy day"
pile of legal work? SPS can manage overflow
work that you don't have time to address.

How can your firm handle an influx of legal work when you don't have in-house expertise?
Let SPS provide you with paralegal expertise in areas you need.

Why Strategic Paralegal Services?

Strategic Paralegal Services provides expert paralegal assistance in a variety of legal topics, including corporate/business law, real estate, transactional support and Blue Sky. Whether your firm needs specific expertise brought in, or your legal department just needs help catching up, Strategic Paralegal Services can provide you with the professional, trained paralegal support you need to succeed.

Be sure you have qualified support.

When you work with Strategic Paralegal Services, we ensure that the team of paralegals working on your project has both the experience and expertise that meets your needs. Don’t get stuck with under-qualified or inadequate support staff who can’t meet your demands. Strategic Paralegal Services offers you support guaranteed to solve your paralegal staffing challenges.

Clients who have benefited from their partnership with Strategic Paralegal Services

Global asset management holding company

Boutique small technology law firm

Global web development company

Large regional law firm

Boutique mid-size asset management company

Boutique mid-size litigation law firm

Change your strategy. Partner with Strategic Paralegal Services today.

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