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In-House/Corporate Support

In-House Corporate Support

In-House/Corporate Support

The success of any company is not only dependent on its clients, but its own status of being legal. The tasks below can seem tedious, yet if done haphazardly can yield unwanted consequences such as falling out of good standing and having your entity charter revoked. If addressed in time, Strategic Paralegal Services will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Our In-House/Corporate Support Specialties include:

  • Entity formation and maintenance
  • Assist CFO/Comptroller/Tax Department identify and eliminate unnecessary entities
  • Audit entities for good standing and restore as necessary
  • Audit entity records books and update, as necessary
  • Update entity maintenance software (e.g. Blueprint)
  • Preparation and filing of annual/biennial reports with 50 secretaries of state, as applicable
  • Transactional Support
  • Contract Review and Administration
  • Securities/Blue Sky
  • Public Company Reporting