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Estate Planning/Trusts/Probate

Estate Planning/Trusts/Probate

Estate Planning/Trusts/Probate

Estate planning and probate attorneys face an entirely different set of challenges than do corporate attorneys. Emotions run higher in these types of situations where there are personalities involved, often taxing the stamina and tolerance of the attending attorneys. Strategic Paralegal Services can do much of the legwork needed, saving the attorney some added energy that will be needed when dealing with the deeper intricacies of a matter where relationships may very well be on the line.

Our Estate Planning/Trusts/Probate Specialties include:

Estate Planning

  • Preparation of Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, and HIPAA Releases
  • Preparation of Revocable and Family Irrevocable Trusts
  • Preparation of Supplemental/Special Needs Trusts
  • Make inquiries as to client assets and coordinate necessary transfers to fund trusts

Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • Prepare and file necessary documents for Conservatorships and Guardianships
  • Assist in the preliminary valuation of assets, as necessary
  • Act as liaison with Probate Court personnel
  • Attend to legal notices, as needed
  • Prepare and file inventory and accounts, and obtain allowance of accounts, as needed
  • Assist with the preparation of court papers, including the annual review of “Rogers” guardianships
  • Research and obtain data from court files

Probate and Estate Administration

  • Prepare and file all Informal and Formal Probate documents under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code
  • Communicate with Probate Court, Personal Representatives and Heirs
  • Mail legal notices and publish same
  • Prepare and file Personal Representative’s inventory and account, as needed
  • Obtain allowance of accounts (including testamentary trust accounts), as needed
  • Assist with the preparation of various pleadings
  • Research and obtain data from court files
  • Review and organize financial records received from Personal Representative and family
  • Identify Estate assets
  • Arrange for professional appraisals of real estate and tangible personal property
  • Prepare date of death and alternate valuations of decedent’s assets
  • Assist with collection of estate assets and communicate with financial institution
  • Assist beneficiaries with collection of life insurance, annuity and retirement plan benefits
  • Assist Accountants where applicable in setting up estate account, receive estate assets and pay estate debts, expenses and taxes
  • Assist with transfer and sale of securities
  • Assist with up-dating insurance coverage for real estate held in estate
  • Assist with sale of real estate including obtaining licenses from probate court as needed
  • Assist with distributions to beneficiaries